Influenced by pop culture, sci-fi and fashion; Hinny Tran is a Melbourne-based self- taught filmmaker who is best known for unconventionally integrating digital dementedness with traditional storytelling methods.

His drive for indie development in the arts puts him at the forefront of an emerging industry that craves the need for alternative self-expression. With a background in commerce & creative marketing, Hinny uses his art forms to innovate and transform the ways we intimately engage with brands and their messages. Hinny aims to provoke independent thought and create cool experiences for new audiences.

Hinny is the founder of Melbourne & Sydney based video service business VIDEO PR and is the Creative director for the FRED HATES FASHION project for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week: Curated. Specialising in Film, Fashion Advertising, Creative Direction and Concept Editing, Hinny is dedicated to exploring the human condition, particularly the desire for self expression, now.